Cabin Filters

Keep your car's cabin air clean and fresh with a new cabin filter from Superspares! We offer a wide variety of cabin filters to fit all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our cabin filters are made from high-quality materials and are designed to remove pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air, so you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy ride.

Shop our selection of cabin filters today and experience the difference that a quality cabin filter can make!

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C1812-C026

Sakura Cabin Filter for Subaru Forester SJ SH5 SHJ S3 S4 SH9 SHM Levorg WRX XV

$27.95 $33.54

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C1808-AL157

Ryco Cabin Filter for Toyota Prius C V Rukus Tarago Tundra Yaris NSP130 NSP135

$39.95 $47.94

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA051

Sakura Cabin Filter for Hyundai Tucson JM 2.0L 2.7L Includes 2 Filters

$27.95 $33.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA055

Sakura Cabin Filter for Isuzu D-MAX TF MU-X UC 3.0L 4Cyl Diesel 06/2012-ON

$30.95 $37.14

SKU: Fram-FiltCab-C2101-AG2759

Fram Cabin Air Filter for Holden Colorado 7 Trailblazer RG 4Cyl Premium Quality

$26.95 $32.34

SKU: Fram-FiltCab-C2101-AG2767

Fram Cabin Filter for Mitsubishi Asx XC GA XB Lancer CF CD CG CJ 4Cyl 2002-2018

$26.95 $32.34

SKU: Ryco-FilterB-C1910-AG081

Ryco Cabin Air Filter for MAZDA CX-5 3 BM RCA275MS Microshield Filter

$41.95 $50.34

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C1808-AL205

Ryco Cabin Air Filter for Toyota Hiace KDH 200R 201R 220 222R 220R Turbo Diesel

$39.95 $47.94

SKU: Ryco-S3329

Ryco Cabin Air Filter for Toyota RAV 4 ACA 31 36 ACA38R ALA49R ASA44R ZSA42R

$39.95 $47.94

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C1808-AL276

Ryco Cabin Air Filter for Volkswagen Touareg 7P 6Cyl V8 2010-2018

$56.95 $68.34

SKU: Ryco-S2875

Ryco Cabin Filter for Ford Fpv Pursuit BA BF FG V8 5.4L PM2.5 Microshield Filter

$57.95 $69.54

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C1808-AL399

Ryco Cabin Filter for Nissan Pathfinder R50 Patrol GU Y61 4Cyl 6Cyl V6 1995-2018

$61.95 $74.34

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C2011-W005

Ryco Microshield N99 Cabin Air Filter for Hyundai Get z Premium Quality

$60.95 $73.14

SKU: Ryco-Cabin-C2011-W032

Ryco Microshield N99 Cabin Air Filter for Subaru Impreza Forester XV

$55.95 $67.14

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2108-AG03

Sakura Cabin Air Filter for MG ZS SGE 3Cyl 1.0L NSE 4CYL 1.5L Petrol 2018-On

$32.95 $39.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2012-AG02

Sakura Cabin Air Filter for Renault Koleos H45 4Cyl 2.0L 2.5L 2008-2016

$27.95 $33.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2106-AG35

Sakura Cabin Filter for BMW 330i G20 X3 G01 Z4 G29 4Cyl 2.0L Petrol 2018-ON

$42.95 $51.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA022

Sakura Cabin Filter for Ford Fiesta WT 1.6L 4Cyl Diesel Petrol 10/2010-08/2013

$27.95 $33.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C1812-C010

Sakura Cabin Filter for Honda Civic FK Crv RM Legend KB Odyssey RC 4Cyl V6

$33.95 $40.74

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA043

Sakura Cabin Filter for Hyundai Getz TB 1.3L 1.4L 1.5L 1.6L 4Cyl 2 Filters

$33.95 $40.74

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA047

Sakura Cabin Filter for Hyundai I20 PB 1.4L 1.6L 4Cyl 1 Set 2 Filters

$26.95 $32.34

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA048

Sakura Cabin Filter for Hyundai I30 FD 1.6L 2.0L 4Cyl Includes 2 Filters

$27.95 $33.54

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2004-CA059

Sakura Cabin Filter for Jeep Cherokee KL 2.0L 2.4L 3.2L 4Cyl 6Cyl

$31.95 $38.34

SKU: SakuraFilterC-C2103-W023

Sakura Cabin Filter for Kia Stinger CK G4KL 2.0L 4Cyl G6DP 3.3L 6Cyl Petrol

$37.95 $45.54