Diesel Fuel Filters

Optimise your diesel-powered vehicle's performance with SuperSpares' diesel fuel filters. Designed for passenger cars, sports or performance vehicles, and robust 4x4s conquering Australian terrains, our auto diesel filters guarantee clean and efficient fuel delivery. Ensure your engine's longevity and fuel system integrity with top-quality diesel fuel filters from SuperSpares. Whether you're looking for an auto diesel filter replacement or competitive car diesel filter prices, we've got you covered. Elevate your driving experience by exploring our range today. Trust SuperSpares for automotive excellence in Australia – where quality meets the diverse demands of the road. Drive confidently with SuperSpares.

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2004-CA018

Sakura Fuel Filter for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ WG 4.0L 4.7L 6Cyl 8Cyl MPFI

$43.96 $52.75

SKU: Sakura-FGK-C2109-AG02


$30.96 $37.15

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C254

Sakura Fuel Filter for Subaru Impreza GC GD GF GG GDA GDE GDB GFA GGA GGE Petrol

$30.96 $37.15

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C476

Sakura Fuel Filter for Suzuki Grand Vitara JB TX92W Petrol V6 2.7L 2000-2008

$26.96 $32.35

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2004-CA013

Sakura Fuel Filter for Holden Commodore VE VF 3.6L 6Cyl LPG 2012-2015

$33.96 $40.75

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C605

Sakura Fuel Filter for Holden Rodeo RA 4Cyl 3.0L Turbo Diesel 4JH1-TC 4JJ1-TC

$28.96 $34.75

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C475

Sakura Fuel Filter for Hyundai Grandeur TG I20 I30 I40 Santa Fe CM DM Sonata NF

$44.96 $53.95

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2003-C605

Sakura Fuel Filter for Isuzu D-Max TF Turbo Diesel 4Cyl 3.0L 4JJ1-T 2008-2012

$28.96 $34.75

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C596

Sakura Fuel Filter for Kia K2700 PU TU Pregio 4Cyl 2.7L J2 Premium quality

$32.96 $39.55

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C516

Sakura Fuel Filter for Mitsubishi Colt Pajero Challenger NM NP V65 V77W V83 V87

$49.96 $59.95

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2004-CA033

Sakura Fuel Filter for Nissan Navara D40 Pathfinder R51 2.5L 4Cyl Turbo Diesel

$52.96 $63.55

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C294

Sakura Fuel Filter for Toyota Celica ST162 ST SX Petrol 4Cyl 2.0L 10/1986-1989

$33.96 $40.75

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C365

Sakura Fuel Filter for Toyota Corolla AE 101 102R 102X 112R Starlet Petrol

$33.96 $40.75

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C030

Sakura Fuel Filter for Toyota Hilux KUN112 GUN 122R 123R 125R 126R 136R Fortuner

$36.96 $44.35

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C1812-C544

Sakura Fuel Filter for Volkswagen Caravelle Multivan Touareg Touran Transporter

$81.96 $98.35

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K066

1 Pc Ryco Fuel Filter for Subaru Forester SF5 Legacy EJ20 EJ20T EJ22

$77.90 $93.48

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K067

1 Pc Ryco Fuel Filter for Subaru Impreza GF GFA GF4 GF5 GF6 GC5 GC6 GC8

$77.90 $93.48

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K086

1 Pc Ryco Fuel Filter for Volkswagen Amarok V6 DDXC DDXE 2016 - On

$87.90 $105.48

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K021

1 Pc Ryco HD Fuel Filter for Hino 300 N04C Engine 01/2011 - 06/2020

$100.90 $121.08

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K080

1 Pc Ryco In-Tank Fuel Filter for Toyota Camry GSV70R ASV70R 2017 - On

$248.90 $298.68

SKU: Ryco-FuelFil-C2207-K079

1 Pc Ryco In-Tank Fuel Filter for Toyota Corolla ZRE172R 2ZR-FE 02/2014 - On

$243.90 $292.68

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2305-T39

1 Pcs Sakura Fuel Water Separator for SFC-1902-10 - 10 Micron Media

$52.96 $63.55

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2305-T40

1 Pcs Sakura Fuel Water Separator for SFC-1902-30 - 30 Micron Media

$52.96 $63.55

SKU: SakuraFilterF-C2305-T31

1 Pcs Sakura Full Flow Fuel Filter Spin-on - FC-5509 Height 233mm OD 93mm

$36.96 $44.35