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Experience Superior Braking with Bendix

Welcome to our curated Bendix collection, your ultimate destination for top-tier braking solutions. Bendix, a name synonymous with high-performance and reliability in the automotive industry, has been at the forefront of braking technology for decades. Renowned for their innovative approach and commitment to safety, Bendix products are designed to exceed the expectations of drivers and mechanics alike, ensuring optimal performance in all driving conditions.

Why Bendix Stands Out

Bendix is not just another name in the automotive parts market; it's a benchmark for excellence. With a focus on innovation, Bendix continually sets new standards in braking technology. From cars to light and heavy commercial vehicles, Bendix offers a comprehensive range of brake pads, shoes, and other braking components engineered for peak performance and durability.

Our collection boasts an extensive selection of Bendix braking products, including:

  • Brake Pads: Discover a variety of formulations, from ceramic to semi-metallic, designed for specific driving needs, ensuring superior stopping power, reduced noise, and minimal dust.
  • Brake Shoes: Get reliable performance with Bendix brake shoes, perfect for restoring your vehicle’s braking efficiency to factory-new condition.
  • Rotors and Drums: Precision-engineered for smooth, vibration-free performance, Bendix rotors and drums complement the braking system for enhanced safety and longevity.

Quality You Can Depend On

Every Bendix product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes to meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and materials, Bendix ensures that each component delivers reliability, durability, and the ultimate in braking power. This dedication to quality means you can trust Bendix to protect you and your passengers, mile after mile.

Bendix's commitment to innovation is evident in every product they offer. By constantly exploring new technologies and materials, Bendix aims to improve braking performance, extend the lifespan of their products, and enhance driving comfort. This pursuit of excellence drives Bendix to develop braking solutions that lead the industry in safety and performance.

Choose Bendix for Unmatched Performance

Whether you're a professional mechanic seeking reliable braking components or a vehicle owner looking to upgrade your braking system, our Bendix collection has everything you need. With detailed product descriptions and specifications, finding the right Bendix solution for your vehicle is straightforward and hassle-free.

Embrace the Bendix difference and ensure your vehicle benefits from the latest in braking technology. Explore our Bendix collection today and experience the peace of mind that comes with fitting your vehicle with the best in the business. With Bendix, you're not just upgrading your brakes; you're enhancing your vehicle's safety, performance, and your driving experience.

SKU: BDXBCP-FRSet-C2203-P057

F+R Slotted Brake Rotors Bendix Pads for Nissan Patrol Y61 GU Series Except 4.8L

$511.95 $614.95

SKU: Bendix-BF-C1910-W005

1x Bendix Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 4 for Cars Trucks Buses Motorcycles 4L

$65.90 $83.88

SKU: BDXBCP-FRSet-C2203-P028

Slotted Brake Rotors Bendix Pads for Holden Commodore VE Statesman Caprice WM V8

$489.95 $587.95

SKU: BendixSet-GCT-C1805-P361

8Pcs Bendix GCT Brake Pads Set for Honda Accord CP CR CU Euro 2.4 3.5 FWD

$159.95 $185.95

SKU: BendixSet-GCT-C1805-P371

8Pcs Bendix GCT Brake Pads Set for Toyota Camry ASV50 2.5 Aurion GSV40 GSV50

$140.95 $163.95

SKU: Bendix-ParkShoe-C2004-E23

Bendix Park Hand Brake Shoes for Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200 UZJ200 4.5 4.7

$66.95 $77.95

SKU: Bendix-BShoe-C2008-E3409

Bendix Rear Brake Shoes for Honda Jazz GE2 GD GE3 GE 1.3L 1.5L FWD

$51.95 $61.95

SKU: BNX-BrakeShoe-C1804-Z154

Bendix Rear Brake Shoes for Mitsubishi Triton ML MN 2.5 3.2 3.5 MQ MR 2.4

$68.95 $81.95

SKU: BDXBCP-FRSet-C2003-W569

Front + Rear BCP Brake Rotors Bendix 4WD Pads for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK WK2

$661.95 $794.95

SKU: BEX-GCTRotor-C2405-B113

2x Bendix Front GCT Brake Rotors for Mitsubishi Pajero NS NT NW NX V87W V98W

$213.95 $256.95

SKU: BEX-GCTRotor-C2405-B052

2x Bendix Front GCT Disc Brake Rotors for Honda CR-V RM RE 1.6L 2.0L 2.2L 2.4L

$190.95 $229.95

SKU: Bendix-BF-C2404-B002

2x Bendix Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 4 for Cars Trucks Buses Motorcycles 500ml

$29.95 $35.95

SKU: BEX-GCTRotor-C2405-B073

2x Bendix Rear GCT Brake Rotors for Hyundai Elantra MD UD AD ADA i30 PD E EN GD

$126.95 $152.95

SKU: BEX-GCTRotor-C2405-B141

2x Bendix Rear GCT Brake Rotors for Subaru Forester SJ SJG SJ9 Impreza GJ GP XV

$146.95 $176.95

SKU: Bendix-PadGCT-C2008-E0474

4 x Bendix Front GCT Brake Pads for BMW X5 E70 F15 F85 X6 E71 E72 F16 F86 193

$52.95 $62.95

SKU: Bendix-BPCT1951

4 x Bendix Rear GCT Brake Pads for Mitsubishi Magna TR TS TE TF TH TJ TW Verada

$86.95 $99.95

SKU: bendix-4wd-CS028

4pcs Bendix Front 4WD Brake Pads for Mitsubishi Pajero NS NT NW NX 3.2 3.8

$98.95 $111.95

SKU: Bendix-Pad-4WD-C1805-Z071

4pcs Bendix Front 4WD Brake Pads for Toyota Hilux KUN26 GGN25 297 Disc

$98.95 $111.95

SKU: Bendix-BPCT0739

4pcs Bendix Front GCT Brake Pads for Ford Fairmont Falcon EA EB ED EF EL XH AU

$83.95 $95.95

SKU: Bendix-Pad-GCT-C1805-Z046

4pcs Bendix Front GCT Brake Pads for Ford Fairmont Falcon XA XB XC XD XE XF XY

$83.95 $95.95

SKU: Bendix-BPCT0956

4pcs Bendix Front General CT Brake Pads for Holden Commodore VT VU VX VY VZ

$78.95 $89.95

SKU: Bendix-PadGCT-C2008-E0086

4pcs Bendix Front General CT Brake Pads for Honda Accord CB CC CD 2.2 FWD

$52.95 $62.95

SKU: Bendix-PadHD-C2008-E1194

4pcs Bendix Front HD Brake Pads for Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0 124 128 130 kW

$105.95 $122.95

SKU: Bendix-PadHD-C2108-CA170

4pcs Bendix Front HD Brake Pads for Mercedes Benz 190 W201 Coupe 300CE C124

$79.95 $95.95