SKU: Nulon-Oil-C1705-S171

Nulon Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L SYNATF-4

$55.76 $74.34

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SKU: Nulon-Oil-C1705-S001

Nulon X-PRO 5W-30 Fast Flowing Performance Engine Oil 5L XPR5W30-5 Ref SEM5W30-5

$44.96 $59.94

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SKU: Denso-DEGP-C2105-W077

4 x Denso Glow Plugs for Holden Jackaroo UBS 4JB1-T Rodeo RA TF 4JB1-T 4JH1-TC

$78.26 $104.34

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SKU: Trupro-ST-C1704-BJLC1051

4 Pcs Lower+upper Ball Joints for HOLDEN COMMERCIAL RODEO TFR RA 2WD 03-08

$136.76 $182.34

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SKU: Trupro-ST-C1704-TELC3819

4 Pcs Trupro Outer Inner Tie Rod Ends for HOLDEN RODEO TFS 4WD 08/99-02/03

$76.46 $101.94

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SKU: Gates-DBKIT-C2205-T0628

Gates A/C & Alternator & P/S Drive Belt Kit for Holden Rodeo TF 2.8L 4JB1-T

$68.36 $91.14

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SKU: Nulon-Oil-C1705-S186

Nulon 80W-90 Gearbox and Differential Oil 20L GBD80W90-20 Upgrade LSD80W90-20

$167.36 $223.14

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SKU: Nulon-Oil-C1705-S019

Nulon APEX+ 10W-40 High Performance Engine Oil 5L APX10W40-5 Ref SYN10W40-5

$54.86 $73.14

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SKU: Trupro-ST-C1712-TBLC026

Trupro Ball Joint Tie Rod End Kit for HOLDEN RODEO TFR 2WD TFS 4WD 88-2003

$214.16 $285.54

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1 piece of Redback Muffler for Holden Rodeo TF 4ZEI 01/1988-01/1998

$159.26 $212.34

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SKU: Webco-ESLK-S1908-S010

2 Inch 50mm Easy Lift Kit Shocks EFS Leaf Springs for Holden Rodeo TFS R7 R9

$629.10 $838.80

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SKU: Webco-ESLK-S1811-S015

2 Inch Easy Lift Kit RAW Torsion Bar Extended Shackle for Holden Rodeo TFS R7 R9

$557.10 $742.80

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SKU: Trupro-ST-C1704-TELC3201

2 Pcs Trupro L+R Outer Tie Rod Ends for HOLDEN COMMERCIAL RODEO TFR RA 4WD 03-08

$52.16 $69.54

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SKU: Trupro-ST-C1711-TELC0223


$44.06 $58.74

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SKU: WebFC-C1812-LC046

2" 50mm Lift Rear Foam Cell Shock Absorber for Colorado RC RG Jackaroo UBS Rodeo

$144.00 $192.00

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SKU: BT327691

20x Front + Rear Suspension Bushes Kit Control Arm for Holden Rodeo TF 2WD 96-03

$121.46 $161.94

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SKU: Nulon-Oil-C1705-S180

2L Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE Full Synthetic HD Limited Slip Differential Oil SYN80W140

$51.26 $68.34

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SKU: Kelpro-rubber-C1801L0539

4 x Trupro Rear Shock Absorber Bush Upper Lower for Holden Rodeo R9 TF

$35.96 $47.94

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SKU: BT327565

8 x Front Suspension Bushes Kit Control Arm for Holden Rodeo TF 4WD 1988-2003

$105.26 $140.34

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SKU: BCP-SPadSSet-S2011-CA0375

BCP Ceramic Brake Pads + Shoes Set for Holden Frontera UES Rodeo TF 2.0L 2.8L TD

$97.95 $117.95

SKU: BNX-BrakeShoe-C1804-Z126

Bendix Rear Brake Shoes for Holden Rodeo TF TFR30 TFR55 TFS55 TFS25 TFR25

$74.95 $88.95

SKU: Fram-FiltFue-C2101-AG2465

Fram Fuel Filter for Holden Rodeo TFR TFS 2 17 25 Petrol 4Cyl 2.2 2.6 3.2L

$17.06 $22.74

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SKU: SAFU-4X4-187

Front + Rear WEBCO Pro Gas Shock Absorbers for HOLDEN RODEO R7 R9 96-2003

$195.30 $261.00

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