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Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

Tough Dog has been on a long-term commitment to suspension systems for 4WD application and Australian Offroad Industry,and the shocks are Made in Australia. Today, Tough Dog products are sought after the world over, and the distribution network spans 28 countries around the world.


 The excellent selection of production includes:


35mm Nitrogen Gas Charged Shock Absorbers

41mm Bore Foam Cell Shock Absorber

Designed with control and comfort in mind. Nitro gas shocks are built with multi stage velocity sensitive valving to ensure the shock is capable of performing at any speed. As the shock moves faster to absorb small bumps in the road like corrugations, the valving in the shock responds to maintain the ride control characteristics. These shocks are perfectly suited to light and medium four wheel drives and vehicles with leaf spring suspension.

  • 35mm Internal bore and piston with twin tube design
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas to eliminate fade for better performance and comfortable ride
  • Double chrome-plated shaft
  • High temperature, all weather fluid
  • Custom designed for each application
  • OEM or longer length shocks to suit standard or raised 4WDs for maximum articulation, comfort, safety & durability
  • 2 Year / 40,000km warranty (conditions apply)


Tough Dog's best selling shock for all round performance. The "Foam Cell" that makes all the difference is a micro-cellular foam insert that helps to drastically reduce the effects of shock fade, allowing your shocks to perform better for longer, even on the harshest of corrugations. The Foam Cell insert, with its trapped gas micro cells takes up the empty space in the shock normally taken up by air or nitrogen gas. This eliminates the possibility of bubbles forming, allowing the shock to get on with the job with an unparalleled resistance to shock fade.

  • Large 41mm internal bore
  • Twin tube design
  • High temperature, all weather oil
  • 18mm, double chrome-plated rod
  • Additional welding on all studs & eyerings
  • Multi stage Velocity Sensitive Valving
  • Rod wiper seal and multi lip seal
  • Hydraulic rebound stop
  • 2 Year / 40,000km warranty in 0-50mm applications. (conditions apply)
  • 1 Year / 20,000km warranty in 50mm or higher applications. (conditions apply)

40mm Bore Adjustable Shock Absorbers

45mm Big Bore Adjustable Shock Absorbers

The 40mm adjustable shock offers 9 different stages of adjustment, to fine-tune the ride characteristics to your personal preference and application.
In reality, very few vehicles serve only one purpose. Most 4WD's today are the family car, off-road toy, touring escape, towing rig or tradesman’s work platform all rolled into one. We demand so much of our vehicles, and every situation will need something just a little bit different. As well as being fully adjustable, these shocks are equipped with our Foam Cell technology, minimising aeration and cavitation to maximise the shocks ability to resist fade and perform reliably in harsh and demanding conditions.

Our adjustable shocks are built tough for the Aussie outback and incorporate an ABS plastic dust shield as well as an external dust wiper seal to protect the shock’s internals from grit which can damage the oil seals around the chrome rod. When fully extended, the shock is at its most vulnerable to damage from side load. The internal bump stop and piston rod guide ensure the shock is supported at the extremes of its travel. These tough units are available for a wide range of applications.

These tough puppies are the largest bore externally adjustable shocks available on the market. There is nothing that can compare to the 45mm bore in a 70mm outer casing. This is one serious shock.

The 9 stages of adjustment mean you can control the firmness of your shocks easily, and adapt to the conditions as required. Choose a firmer ride for your highway travels, and then dial them down when it’s time to get down to business. 45mm big bore adjustable are designed for big lift applications up to six inches over the factory in some vehicles. Our adjustable shocks are built tough for the Aussie outback. As well as the Foam Cell insert to combat shock fade, the 45mm adjustable also incorporates an ABS plastic dust shield as well as an external dust wiper seal to protect the shock’s internals from grit which can damage the oil seals around the chrome rod. When fully extended, the shock is at its most vulnerable to damage from side load. The internal bump stop and piston rod guide ensure the shock is supported at the extremes of its travel. Our big bore shocks also have a DU bushing fitted internally to protect the seals from damage caused by side load at full extension.


53mm bore "Ralph" shock absorbers

  • Huge 53mm bore
  • Twin tube design
  • High-temperature, all-weather oil
  • 22mm double chrome-plated rod
  • Additional welding on all studs & eye rings
  • Multi-stage Velocity Sensitive Valving
  • Rod wiper seal and multi-lip seal
  • Hydraulic rebound stop

These big dogs carry so much oil, they will run cool over even the toughest of terrain. If you drive a fully laden off-road tourer, these are the shocks for you.

3 Year / 60,000km warranty (conditions apply)






Designed for mild applications as a replacement damper when the OEM gear just isn't quite cutting the mustard, this damper will give you control and feeling back in your steering set-up. With a 35mm internal bore and our Foam Cell insert to fight against fade in harsh use situations, this damper is the perfect companion for anyone looking to gain a new lease on life from their steering.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • 35mm bore for heavy-duty use
  • Eliminate shimmy
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty (conditions apply)
  • Large range to suit most 4WD applications


Tough Dog steering stabilisers are the only award-winning RTC steering damper on the market. We paved the way for the return to centre dampers in Australia. Using the return to centre principle, the coil overspring forces the steering damper to return to the neutral position, helping to eliminate steering wheel kick on uneven surfaces. The return to centre damper aids drivers in their fight with the steering wheel over rough terrain, taming the erratic steering movement without compromising overall steering feel and response. Take the fight out of your steering today with an RTC damper.

  • Reduces shimmy and shake
  • Reduces fatigue on a long drive as the coil steers you straight.
  • Returns the steering wheel back to centre, especially when oversize tyres are fitted.
  • Available for manual and power steer vehicles
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty (conditions apply)



When a vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift greater than 100mm, the geometry of the front arms, and the length of travel required from the damper will change, requiring a larger, longer heavier duty damper. Our XHD dampers come will with all the brackets required to mount the damper as well as instructions on correct configuration of the coil and collar arrangement. Some modifications may be required to ensure correct fit. Suitable for vehicles with a suspension lift of 4'' / 100mm or more. Available for 80/100 series LandCruisers, Nissan Patrol GQ/GU & Ford F250 models. Tough Dog also offer their pioneer ''SV'' adjustable steering damper in larger sized to suit vehicles with more than 100mm of lift. View the ''SV'' damper here.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • Return-to-centre principle especially for oversize tyres
  • Eliminate shimmy and assist in blowouts
  • Reduced driver fatigue on long-distance driving
  • 1 Year/20,000km warranty (conditions apply)

It is especially effective on vehicles with oversized wheels, or increased wheel track that experience steering shimmy. The damping force is adjusted until the wheel shake is ''tuned'' out of the equation. Let's face it, every vehicle is different, and even small factors like tyre wear can affect the overall performance of the steering. With the SV unit, those factors are no longer a problem because a change in steering feel is just a dial turn away. SV dampers are available for most vehicles up to 50mm suspension lift, and for some vehicles up to 150mm of lift.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • 35mm bore for heavy-duty use
  • Eliminate shimmy
  • 2 Year/40,000 km warranty
  • Large range to suit most 4WD applications
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty for 0 – 100mm lift applications (conditions apply)
  • 1 Year/20,000km warranty 100mm+ lift applications (conditions apply)



Tough Dog coil springs are Australian made. Most applications have two and three different spring rates available to cater for the lightest or heaviest vehicle.


Tough Dog coil springs are Australian made. Most applications have two and three different spring rates available to cater for the lightest or heaviest vehicle.


Tough Dog Performance 4WD Torsion Bars offer a spring rate that is approximately 30% higher than OEM bars. This dynamic increase in spring rate eliminates hard bottoming out when travelling off road and gives better handling in street applications. They can be installed with a moderate pre-load to raise the vehicle for better clearance off road, or to revitalise the handling characteristics at the standard height. These performance-proven, easy-to-install bars are especially beneficial when oversize tyres or frontal accessories are installed. Regardless of the torsion bar used, or the accessories fitted, a minimum 60mm of suspension droop (down travel) must be maintained.

 Tough Dog 4X4 Accessories

Greasable Pins and Shackles

Greasable pins and shackles help protect the bushes from premature wear because of the ingress of dirt and grit. Applying grease through the nipple forces grease through the joint and out, taking with it foreign objects. Greasable components are particularly important to vehicles exposed to outback dust or high salt level environments like boat ramps and beach driving.

Urethane Products

Leaf spring based suspension set ups generally have a bias leaning towards load carrying capability over ride quality. The design and composition of the shackle hanger and bushing material can make all the difference to your ride quality. This assembly is the spring's first part to move in response to uneven terrain and bumps in the road. Tough Dog urethane is stronger than rubber components and has greater longevity and resistance to deterioration from chemical exposure.When required, steel tubes in the centre of the bush are hardened and chemically treated to resist corrosion. All of this will keep your leaf sprung vehicle in positive contact with the road surface and give you better tyre and suspension component life. Replacement urethane bushes are available for all Tough Dog leaf springs as well as for a range of other suspension bushing locations in vehicles.Poured as a single piece urethane, Tough Dog spring spacers are available in various heights, depending on the vehicle and application.

U-Bolt Kits

When U-bolts are tightened to secure the leaf pack in the vehicle from factory, the metal is stretched as a normal part of this process. It is important that U-bolts be replaced when a suspension system is changed, as a stretched U-bolt has lost its integral strength. The U-bolt will appear tight when re-used, but in fact it isn't, this puts undue pressure on the centre bolts in the springs, causing them to move or snap which in turn allows the diff to move and the leaves to spread. Tough Dog U-bolts are manufactured using high tensile steel & are designed with the correct length of thread for larger, heavy duty leaf spring packs.

Extended Brake Lines

Extended brake lines become a requirement for larger lift vehicles to prevent damage from stretching the existing lines. Tough Dog offer a brake line solution in both a tradition rubber style as well as a steel braided line for improved brake pedal response and feel.

Transmission Spacers

Designed to reduce tail shaft angle and remove driveline vibration that arises from an out-of-phase drivetrain. The universal joints in a vehicle's tailshaft must operate at the same angle to operate harmoniously. If the angle of one universal joint is different to the other, or the universal joints are forced to operate on an angle larger that within tolerance, the resulting vibration can be felt through the vehicle when driven. To restore the universal joints to harmony, Tough Dog spacer kits are available for vehicles that commonly suffer from vibration.

Offset King Pins

Camber adjustment on live axle LandCruisers and Patrols can require an offset camber pin to be fitted. Available in 0.5, 0.75 and 1 degree of offset, these pins can help eliminate excessive and uneven tyre wear.

Panhard Rods

Adjustable panhard rods allow the axle to be re-centred under the vehicle after the height has been modified. Tough Dog panhard rods are bent from a single solid bar for strength, and are adjustable to cover a broad range of vehicle heights.


Tough Dog 4WD Suspension

In most vehicles, Though Dog offer multiple shock and spring options to fine tune every aspect of a particular package as well as a range of other specialised and optional accessories. The 41mm Foam Cell Shock was awarded first place in independent shock absorber testing by Australian 4WD Action Magazine.The Return To Centre and the ''SV'' adjustable steering damper are two great examples of the results of the team's unique thinking when it comes to making the best off road suspension system available.
We met a lot of offroad enthusiasts from Australia local clubs,most of which used Tough Dog 4wd lift kit production. Choose superspares, if you buy Tough Dog 4wd production.We promise to provides customized Suspension Solution, but not suspension package.
Please state your vehicle,budget,and expectations, before submitting an order.
If you have any further questions, you can always speak to one of our experts for advice on 02 8711 9711.